The Brannock: Custom Sneaker and Art Show Recap | Los Angeles


It appears the best gallery opening in quite some time centered around the art of sneaker customization took place last Saturday in Los Angeles at The Brannock Custom Sneaker & Art Show. Headlined by the curators King of Sneakers and Marcos Rafael Ponce the total showcase included well over 30 different 1 of 1 custom designs in a slew of themes. Not to be missed was also some canvas work to match theme of a few of the sneakers, custom shoe boxes, a custom sneaker King’s throne, a supply of Angelus paint to get your own customizing on, and of course the original hip hop art: graffiti.

The Brannock: Custom Sneaker & Art Show 7.13.2013 #LosAngeles

Do shoe stores like Foot Locker and Finishline still have Brannock devices on hand? If you worked in a shoe store years and years ago the “Brannock Device” was an often used tool that the customer often times used incorrectly. Nicknamed after the footwear industry’s standard measuring device is “The Brannock: Custom Sneaker & Art Show” in Los Angeles. Over ten artists’ work has been curated by King Kang of King of Sneakers and Marcos Rafael Ponce of Top2Bottom in an effort to showcase the customized sneaker’s place as an art form all it’s own.

Vans Slip Ons Custom “Emilio Pucci” by @CustomSwaves


In a word, precision, is really all that needs to be said of this latest custom painted Vans Slip On by Swaves. Yet this custom sneakers’ back story deserves more. Swaves was recently contacted by Dan Kanter to create a Emilio Pucci themed design for his fashion consultant wife Yael as a birthday gift. Interestingly enough Dan just happens to be the Musical Director and Guitarist for someone by the name of Justin Bieber. Pretty cool.