Vans Slip Ons Custom “Emilio Pucci” by @CustomSwaves


In a word, precision, is really all that needs to be said of this latest custom painted Vans Slip On by Swaves. Yet this custom sneakers’ back story deserves more. Swaves was recently contacted by Dan Kanter to create a Emilio Pucci themed design for his fashion consultant wife Yael as a birthday gift. Interestingly enough Dan just happens to be the Musical Director and Guitarist for someone by the name of Justin Bieber. Pretty cool. The longstanding, hand created patterns from “Pucci” are quite world renowned in women’s fashion. After a bit of research Swaves and Dan agreed to attempt the “Orchidea” print made up of shades of blue and white with bits of black. Luckily Dan picked one of the best, if not the best, sneaker customizers to attempt to recreate such a design as accurate as possible…easy task you say?

“Being that these were going to someone in the fashion industry, I wanted the pattern to look as legit as possible. If I am being honest, I think these crush the assumption that a customizer can’t achieve the same amount of detail on a canvas shoe that they can on leather. It requires a fair bit more attention to detail than the average design, but I think the outcome of these 100% freehand brush painted Slip-On Vans speaks for itself.”- Swaves

What started as an all white canvas slip on was first patterned out lightly in pencil to outlay the line work. Next through at least 17 hours of hand painting over a few days these were turned around and completed. Pretty darn accurate looking.

These will be a 1 of 1 design forever but you can contact Swaves for your own via: and follow him on Twitter: @CustomSwaves and Instagram: @CustomSwaves

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The inspiring Pucci Dress. Image via: