Waterbomb Vans Slip On Custom Painted by @CustomSwaves

If you are painting Vans you’ve likely got some catching up to do with Swaves. Last week he brought out an insane Hermes inspired design and this week he brings out another machine effort all for a good cause like it’s nothin. Waterbomb.org contacted Swaves at the last minute to create a piece to be featured at their event August 24th in Los Angeles. Starting with the typical all white Vans slip on Swaves strictly painted the negative space, the blue, after outlining the Waterbomb pattern in pencil freehand upon the front and heel panels. Custom printed insoles finished off the precise attention to detail.

“Painting it once was tough. Painting it twice was a “hold your breath and go for it” moment. When painting canvas there is no erasing, or removing paint from the fibers, meaning there is ZERO room for error if the two shoes were to match perfectly. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.” -Swaves

The organization WaterBomb provides an outlet for musicians, dj’s, dancers, artists,and fashion brands to showcase their passions. Merging the excitement of a party with the purpose of helping those in need through the awareness of clean drinking water. 50% of profits made from each WaterBomb event go to charities and organizations working to end the clean water crisis. More info about the company can be found at Waterbomb.org.

Checkout the cool making of video below to see Swaves in action and to see more work from Swaves visit: CustomSwaves.com and find him on Instagram: @CustomSwaves

waterbomb-custom-vans-swaves-shoes-1 waterbomb-custom-vans-swaves-shoes-2 waterbomb-custom-vans-swaves-shoes-3 waterbomb-custom-vans-swaves-shoes-4 waterbomb-custom-vans-swaves-shoes-5 waterbomb-custom-vans-swaves-shoes-6 waterbomb-custom-vans-swaves-shoes-7