Custom Sperry Top-Siders for Bill Nye The Science Guy by Swaves


Sneakers aren’t the only footwear worth customizing ya know. In fact when it comes to the most customizable leather shoe, sneakers are probably the furthest from the optimal choice. Swaves was presented with a pretty unique opportunity to create a pair for someone that he and millions of children looked up to in the 1990s. That someone was Bill Nye the Science Guy who has been thrown back into the pop culture spotlight thanks to Dancing with the Stars. Bill received this pair of Sperry Top-Siders as a gift from his dance partner @TyneStecklein who is a friend of Swaves.

The dock shoes started off as simple brown leather with a bit of life in their soles and lacing, a selection made based on Nye’s favorite color being blue. Up to his machine-esq line work Swaves started off the customization by hand engraving the details of a custom Erlenmeyer flask and bow tie pattern all around the. After finishing work with his wood burning pen a bit more color was added by painting the bow ties each a different color. To finish off the design a Bill Nye The Dancing Guy was engraved across the back heels for a true 1 of 1 gift.

You can check out if Bill and Tyne continue onwards tonight on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. But to see more work from Swaves or order your own custom Sperry Top-Siders check his site: and follow him on Instagram: @CustomSwaves

bill-nye-custom-sperry-shoes-swaves-1 bill-nye-custom-sperry-shoes-swaves-2 bill-nye-custom-sperry-shoes-swaves-3 bill-nye-custom-sperry-shoes-swaves