ComplexMag Art + Design: 20 Sneaker Customizers You Need To Know

The current amount of social media profiles that PaintOrThread follows that are considered “sneaker customizers” is over an average of 200 on each outlet. That total is growing everyday. Without some people choosing to customize regularly over years the hobby of customizing a pair of shoes by hand likely wouldn’t be able to be considered a topic for it’s own lane of art and design. In the past Complex’s lists dealing with sneaker customization have been a basket of mixed reactions but this one is likely the most accurate.

Supra Falcon X Complex Magazine by Brush Footwear

Ben Smith of Brush Footwear has added another name to his list of clientele by this 1 of 1 camo custom with Complex Magazine. The all black leather Supra Falcon skate shoe was given a bit more color with a dark gray camouflage hand painted on the back heels. A fine detail of the Complex logo also hand painted in a spot on attempt may seem strange but the branding was used as they were given away across Complex’s social networks last week. A matching hand painted hat went to the winner too.

Complex puts out a list of 50 Worst Custom Sneakers of All Time

Well their idea worked, this site is sharing a link to theirs. The staff at Complex put together yet another list, titling this one The 50 Worst Customs of All Time. Don’t read too much into this list as it only goes back to maybe 2009, at least one customizer’s work is mis-identified as another’s, and most of them are from 2012. All time? Umm okay. Definitely a few misses on the list but also quite a few that are only on there because they are a bit different than what’s accepted by the majority.