JBF Customs on ComplexTV’s Quickstrike S2 Episode 1


ComplexTV’s Quickstrike is an sportscast-esq fast paced talk show hosted by Russ Bengtson and DJ Clark Kent. Each episode they delve into the latest sneaker releases and other interesting happenings in this so called sneaker culture. To kick off their second season they invited Jake Ferrato of JBF Customs as their first guest appearance. Making a name for himself with his reconstruction customizations, Ferrato shares with Bengtson and Kent what he does while they also give some solid advice to those of ALL skill levels move up on the rapidly growing list of sneaker customizers.

Check work from JBF here: www.JBFcustoms.com and see more episodes of Quickstrike at: http://www.complex.com/tv/shows/quickstrike