Complex puts out a list of 50 Worst Custom Sneakers of All Time

Well their idea worked, this site is sharing a link to theirs. The staff at Complex put together yet another list, titling this one The 50 Worst Customs of All Time. Don’t read too much into this list as it only goes back to maybe 2009, at least one customizer’s work is mis-identified as another’s, and most of them are from 2012. All time? Umm okay. Definitely a few misses on the list but also quite a few that are only on there because they are a bit different than what’s accepted by the majority. The reality is a list like this would be impossible, so maybe next time it should be: 50 Bad Custom Sneakers according to <insert name here>.

Question is what would you think if starting calling out customizers work for being bad?

Check the full list here: Complex’s 50 Worst Customs Sneakers of All Time