ComplexMag Art + Design: 20 Sneaker Customizers You Need To Know

The current amount of social media profiles that PaintOrThread follows that are considered “sneaker customizers” is over an average of 200 on each outlet. That total is growing everyday. Without some people choosing to customize regularly over years the hobby of customizing a pair of shoes by hand likely wouldn’t be able to be considered a topic for it’s own lane of art and design. In the past Complex’s lists dealing with sneaker customization have been a basket of mixed reactions but this one is likely the most accurate. Before you pick up your next paintbrush, airbrush or exacto knife check this list to get a brief lesson on some of the most accomplished names that have revitalized the worlds boring kicks for years.

Put together by our contributing editor, Complex team member and fellow customizer @Laptop_LaSane the list goes back 10+ years to when the practice began growing across the Internet to current greats. 20 spots is only so many so feel free to let us know who you think should have made the list.

Read it here: Complex Art + Design 20 Sneaker Customizers You Need to Know