Custom Sneaker Podcast Sole Swaps

Custom Sneaker Chronicles Podcast Episode 9: Sole Swaps

The podcast discussion covers the subset of sole swaps! Topics include where sole swapping began, a bit of how to begin swapping soles, and the act of combining to brands into one pair of sneakers.

Air Raid 360 Custom Air Max by Revive Customs

Nike Air Raid 360 by @ReviveCustoms


Streetball’s original tough playground shoes meet one of running’s comfort innovations in this Nike Air Raid 360 by Revive Customs. A piece of Nike history from 1992 as seen below this famous Air Raid has seen better days but thanks to Revive they can still live on. Well their upper that is. But an upper that still needed a bit of fixing up as the back heel panels leather peeled away. Through a tested process the soles from a Nike Air Max shoe were removed, positioned, and glued to the vintage Air Raid upper.

Nike Air “Spurs” Unlimited by Jai Cruz of Revive Customs


Revive Customs has been expanding their company as of late. Jai Cruz is now the head of the Revive Restorations department and is making his official debut with this restoration/sole swap of a pair of 1994 Nike Air Unlimiteds. Jai swapped the old soles and replaced them with fresh ones from a pair of Emerald Nike Air Force 180s. Jai used the Deep Emerald hits of the shoe as inspiration and painted the uppers with the vintage logo of the San Antonio Spurs, three horizontal “paint swipes” of emerald, bright pink, and mango that signified the vibrant personality of the city and honored the strong Mexican/Chicano population.

Nike Command Force “McFly” Custom by Peculiar Kinetics

After releasing last year the Nike Mags influence in the custom sneaker world has been such that it will surely continue into the future. The latest custom sneaker take to mirror the Air Mags futuristic look is this collaborative effort custom  Nike Command Force by Jonathan Carrington of Peculiar Studios. With the help of Revive Customs, PK had a pair of vintage Nike Command Forces saved with a sole swap from a pair of Air Force 180 retros. Next the Mags signature light up soles were actually setup by myself under my custom sneaker brand Evolved-Footwear. With the revived kicks now light up shoes Jonathan transformed the formerly white upper and neon midsoles to a gray upper, white Swooshes and with turquoise accents on the midsole speckle and tongue logos.