Kride Lab Combines Adidas Boost and Atmos Nike Air Max 1

Sneakers are a world separated and defined by brands distinct logos, styles, and technologies. While they all tend to create product for the same purpose, many brand loyalists are created this day and age. Those loyalists hate seeing concepts like this. This custom hybrid pair here combines two pillars decades apart. Kride Lab out of Indonesia took the upper of the Nike Air Max 1 originally released in 1987. In the 2006 Atmos rendition, this model was the true beginning of Nike’s legendary visible air cushioning. The air sole, was removed and swapped with that of the rival Adidas featuring their Boost cushioning first seen in 2012.

A pair like this is cool to us because it’s something that will 99.9999% never be seen as an actual release. Someone not loyal to brand like Kride Lab allows us to go from imagining to actually viewing what might have been. People claim now that adidas Boost was passed on by Nike and who knows where we’d be had stories and decision been made differently by the brands on display. Nike X adidas is never going to happen, but would you wear a custom like this or is this just straight blasphemy?

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