Adidas Yeezy 350 Custom Cleats by Red Ribbon Recon


A trend in custom sneakers for 2015 has surely been the creation of hybrid sneakers through a process known as a sole swap. Despite being nothing new to the scene, the results this year have put together ideas that would likely only exist in photoshop form. The latest out-there sneaker juxtaposition is this adidas concoction of a Yeezy Boost 350 combined with that of an ACE 15 created by Jester of Red Ribbon Recon.

The pirate black Yeezy upper was stripped of its Boost soles to be combined with just the ACE cleats to celebrate the Copa Basel event in Miami put on by our friends at KicksToThePitch. While the kicks were a hot topic at Art Basel this past weekend the hybrids title, “Yeezy Ace” will probably stay marked as a 1 of 1 unless another ambitious athlete or collector needs these on their shelves or are brave enough to take them to the field.

More custom hybrids from Jester can be seen on Instagam: @RedRibbonRecon

adidas-yeezy-350-cleats-redribbonrecon-custom-1 adidas-yeezy-350-cleats-redribbonrecon-custom-2  adidas-yeezy-350-cleats-redribbonrecon-custom-4