Nike Free Mercurial Superfly by Red Ribbon Recon

With the summer of 2014’s biggest sporting event now over chances are the average person won’t be seeing a bunch of neon feet running across grass. More than any other sport soccer, fútbol whatever you wish to call the game there seems to be no barrier to variety when it comes to the footwear. In the United States’ big three sports the league actually fines its athletes for not matching their shoes to their teams colors. While in soccer it seems anything goes. Thanks to a couple Nike releases fútbol aficionado Mike Miscannon of Red Ribbon Recon brought one of those neon cleats of the Brasil pitch to the street.

That cleat, or boot, is the Nike Mercurial Superfly IV worn by Nike’s elite soccer spokesmen. The Flyknit upper of the Superfly itself was re-created in form for the street through Nike’s HTM program with an all black upper and Nike Free soles and released in limited numbers via Nike Lab. As soon as he caught wind of the HTM version Mike’s mind raced on how he could combine the look with Nike’s Hyper Punch color scheme the world would later witness this summer become apart of 24 World Cup goals according to Miscannon.

The process was to resole aka sole swap a Nike Free 3.0 Trainer sole with the upper of the Superfly boot. It was not a strict upper to sole exchange as the back heel panels of the Superfly Free HTM had to be constructed which was done so with ripstop nylon of the drawstring bags apart of the original Mercurial Superfly boot. Next a set of pull tabs of premium suede were hand stitched while their Nike emblems were transplanted from the same Free Trainers. For a little more flavor Miscannon added his own twist by stitching in two sets of Swooshes made of metallic foil calf leather in volt backed by a black lambskin outline. Yeah re-read that and look at the photos again.

As of now it looks like Miscannon beat Nike to the hyper-punch on this colorway. If you cannot live without these word is orders are being taken in a very limited run. Get in contact with him via Instagram: @RedRibbonRecon or Twitter: @RedRibbonRecon 

nike-free-mercurial-superfly-redribbonrecon-customs-2 nike-free-mercurial-superfly-redribbonrecon-customs-3

The lineup from left to right: RedRibbonRecon’s custom, Nike’s official Free Mercurial Superfly HTM, and the official Nike Mercurial Superfly IV boot