The Brannock: Custom Sneaker and Art Show Recap | Los Angeles


It appears the best gallery opening in quite some time centered around the art of sneaker customization took place last Saturday in Los Angeles at The Brannock Custom Sneaker & Art Show. Headlined by the curators King of Sneakers and Marcos Rafael Ponce the total showcase included well over 30 different 1 of 1 custom designs in a slew of themes. Not to be missed was also some canvas work to match theme of a few of the sneakers, custom shoe boxes, a custom sneaker King’s throne, a supply of Angelus paint to get your own customizing on, and of course the original hip hop art: graffiti.

Sneakercon NYC Photo Recap: Customs Edition

Sneaker conventions are one of the most highly anticipated events in today’s sneaker culture. Hundreds of sneakerheads young and old (but mostly really young) come together in a large open space to buy, sell, trade, and gawk at sneakers and sneaker-related apparel. SneakerCon is one of the largest and most well-known conventions, traveling to various cities around the country multiple times a year. The lines are long, it’s loud and hot, and it’s amazing!

When you go to a sneaker convention, ain’t no half-steppin’. People go to stunt and to watch others stunt with rare and expensive Player Exclusives, samples, super duper hyperstrikes, and of course, customs. When the cameras start flashing or when a cutie is checking you out, you don’t want your shoe game to be sub par, do you?

The Brannock: Custom Sneaker & Art Show 7.13.2013 #LosAngeles

Do shoe stores like Foot Locker and Finishline still have Brannock devices on hand? If you worked in a shoe store years and years ago the “Brannock Device” was an often used tool that the customer often times used incorrectly. Nicknamed after the footwear industry’s standard measuring device is “The Brannock: Custom Sneaker & Art Show” in Los Angeles. Over ten artists’ work has been curated by King Kang of King of Sneakers and Marcos Rafael Ponce of Top2Bottom in an effort to showcase the customized sneaker’s place as an art form all it’s own.

Nike Air Max 1 “Doctor Doom” by Dank Customs for @SAsneaksup


For the seventh year a group of sneaker heads in San Antonio, Texas are putting on SASneaksUp a sneaker show with less emphasis on the buy/sell/trade atmosphere and more on the display of collections, authorized dealers and a custom sneaker hunt titled Sole Search. The sneakers are customized by Dank Customs and sponsored by DecadeFootwear. Previous years have seen customs inspired by Orchard St Dunks and Entourage AF1s with a round of 5 pairs hidden throughout the city the week of before

Vans Custom Culture Top 50 Semi-Finalists Announced

Today Vans announced the Top 50 Semi Finalist schools as part of their annual Custom Culture contest. That 50 school list equates to 200 different customized Vans with four entered from each high school’s brightest artists. That may seem like a lot but realize that up to 1500 schools may have entered split into 5 regions. Heck the STATE of California has it’s own region (fitting of course). That equals a total of 6000 custom Vans made for this contest. Imagine having to weed through to get the Top 50.