@TOMS World’s First Human-Powered Customizer | Venice, CA


One brand of shoes that tends to be painted quite a bit by artists of all levels but has yet to heavily break into the workspaces of one whom could be considered a Sneaker Customizer is that of TOMS Shoes. But as a brand themselves TOMS has really embraced the footwear as a canvas concept more than most footwear companies with traveling customization events and offering simple custom painted designs available via their flagship online store. While this marketing stunt only kicks up that love for embracing customization.

Titled, The World’s First Human-Powered Product Customizer, TOMS has gotten their artist Tyler Ramsey to agree to customize and live in a glass box for a week that started on July 23rd. Located in the Abbot Kinney shopping area of Venice, California the entire week will be shown live on Youtube as the longest Google+ Hangout ever. An 800 number was setup to call from 9am to 6pm daily to order your own pair of customized Toms products that range from $68 to $119 from shoes to eyeglass cases.

The number to call: 1-855-704-3889

Where to visit in person: TOMS 1344 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice CA 90291

Watch it all online here: http://www.toms.com/live-custom-toms/l

Previous work from Tyler Ramsey for TOMS