Vans Custom Culture Top 50 Semi-Finalists Announced

Today Vans announced the Top 50 Semi Finalist schools as part of their annual Custom Culture contest. That 50 school list equates to 200 different customized Vans with four entered from each high school’s brightest artists. That may seem like a lot but realize that up to 1500 schools may have entered split into 5 regions. Heck the STATE of California has it’s own region (fitting of course). That equals a total of 6000 custom Vans made for this contest. Imagine having to weed through to get the Top 50. The competition is both individual and team effort as surely three amazing pairs could have been left out of the top list thanks to a fourth pair not up to par. It would be cool to see all 6000 custom shoes, hopefully Vans can pull off a user submitted gallery in the coming years. This year the designs range from kids sticking to paint and ink for a wearable design to transforming the shoes into 3D art pieces such as everything from dolls to ski-slopes. Since a part of the grand prize is to have your Vans design put into production it will be interesting to see if any the non-wearable designs fair in the next round compared to those that Vans could remake and sell.

But for now you get to put your opinion to good use and vote for the best 1 out of 10 schools for 5 different regions. So check out some of the eye catching designs below and cast your vote here: Vans Custom Culture T0p 50 Semi-Finalists

From Belgrade High School, Northwest Region:

From Boone County High School, Southeast Region:

Calvary Murrieta Christian School, California Region:


Redlands High School, California Region:

Wheat Ridge High School, Southwest Region:

Kings High School, Northeast Region: