The Brannock: Custom Sneaker & Art Show 7.13.2013 #LosAngeles

Do shoe stores like Foot Locker and Finishline still have Brannock devices on hand? If you worked in a shoe store years and years ago the “Brannock Device” was an often used tool that the customer often times used incorrectly. Nicknamed after the footwear industry’s standard measuring device is “The Brannock: Custom Sneaker & Art Show” in Los Angeles. Over ten artists’ work has been curated by King Kang of King of Sneakers and Marcos Rafael Ponce of Top2Bottom in an effort to showcase the customized sneaker’s place as an art form all it’s own.

Nike Dunk “Metal Guy” Custom by @Diversitile and @3RCustoms


Any good idea is worth doing again if there is improvement right? I mean how many times did they make that movie? From the preview earlier this week of the Metal Guy Dunk High by Diversitile and 3R Customs anyone that has been paying attention to custom sneakers for at least a few years probably said “hmm something seems familiar”. In a new revamped take on their original design that sort of got them into a bit of trouble in 2010 this Nike Dunk is customized in a recognizable metallic red and gold colorway.

Metal Guy Nike Dunk Hi Customs by @Diversitile and @3Rcustoms


Will collaborations be the trend for the second half of 2013 in custom sneakers? If so leading the way for that wave might just be the guys from Diversitile and 3R Customs. Thankfully the two custom veterans put faith in PaintOrThread to give the world the first look on this updated and revamped version of a past Diversitile world-infamous release.

Air Jordan 4 Yeezy 2

Air Jordan IV x Nike Yeezy II Custom by @ammoskunk x @sewnupsoles

As the custom sneaker world grows and certain customizers focus on a niche skill the amount of collaborations will only increase. An often seen custom is that of a colorswap, but instead of just a color change @ammoskunk and SewnUpSoles went a bit further to be filed under the “hybrid” classification. Titled “Air Yeezy IV Revelation” this retro Air Jordan IV has been mashed up with that of an Nike Air Yeezy II. What started out as a Jordan IV retro in the military blue colorway now has the look of the Yeezy II’s black/solar red colorway starting with an all black upper.