Nike Kobe 9 Hi to Low by Dank Customs and Kikeronincheese

Traditionally the basketball performance shoe is that of a high top. Above the ankle. Yet in recent years the trend in basketball sneakers has taken a turn back to a low below the ankle cut. Then all of a sudden Nike gives us the Kobe 9 in what seems an ultra high cut after a few years of below the ankle-ness. Yet they released two versions, but not all colors could be found in both cuts. Dank Customs and Kikeronincheese said so what.

Below you are seeing the end result of three Nike Kobe 9 Elites converted from their high form to that of their low cut brethren by Dank and Kikeronincheese. Each colorway of the Kobe 9 were given a title and back story to the colorways themselves before the streets Internets could give them nicknames. The trio of converted Kobes is that of the Perspective in blue, Influence in volt and turquouise, and the All Star release’s Devotion in black. Gone is almost everything above the lateral Swooshes with cleanly stitched liners that anyone not in the know wouldn’t even know they were changed. What was kept were the woven bars as they were converted into heel pull tabs. Say what? #customsthatlooklikeexclusives, or whatever the kids are #’ing these days.

Chances are these are each a 1 of 1 you won’t be able to order and buy. Instead you can see more solid work from both customizers on Instagram: @jwdanklefs and @kikeronincheese

nike-kobe-9-high-to-low-customs-dank-kikeronincheese-2 nike-kobe-9-high-to-low-customs-dank-kikeronincheese-3 nike-kobe-9-high-to-low-customs-dank-kikeronincheese-4 nike-kobe-9-high-to-low-customs-dank-kikeronincheese-5 nike-kobe-9-high-to-low-customs-dank-kikeronincheese-6 nike-kobe-9-high-to-low-customs-dank-kikeronincheese-7

What they looked like before. Image via