adidas “Sociomantic Labs Cruiser Skate” by Benji Blunt


Three experts in separate areas of customization come together on this adidas Pro Model custom sneaker. UK based sneaker customizer Benji Blunt started things off by painting the previously all white Pro Models with the branding of Sociomantic a Berlin based marketing company. Sociomantic is known for their hyper-customized online advertising for eCommerce entities. Aside from the logos Sociomantics blue and white color scheme was used throughout with details in silver glitter eyelet panels, custom insoles, bigger reconstructed tongues, and a glow in the dark snakeskin print ready for when the lights go down. Next up came the services of Germany based adding silver trucks, stopper and large blue cruiser wheels to make them skate rink ready for an extra smooth ride.

“I really wanted to see this shoe as a roller skate; so working with German based was perfect. Paule at Rollshuche was totally committed to the project, which made this European collaboration a success. Rollschuhe’s sneaker conversions are second to none, he can take a classic sneaker and pimp it into a great looking skate! Sociomantic’s work is all about bringing eCommerce to the next level with highly customised online ads. So the level of detail required for this customisation was a perfect fit.” -Benji Blunt

This perfect example of a true custom sneaker package is of course a 1 of 1 project. To see more from customizer Benji Blunt hit up and follow him on Instagram: @BenjiBlunt

BenjiBlunt-Sociomantic-adidas-Rollschuhe-ProModel-1 BenjiBlunt-Sociomantic-adidas-Rollschuhe-ProModel-2 BenjiBlunt-Sociomantic-adidas-Rollschuhe-ProModel-3 BenjiBlunt-Sociomantic-adidas-Rollschuhe-ProModel-4 BenjiBlunt-Sociomantic-adidas-Rollschuhe-ProModel-5

All photography by Mo El-Fatih