A Sneaker Customizer’s Library: Custom Kicks by MAKI


Coming up on being 5 years old Custom Kicks by MAKI is still a should-be-staple in any sneaker customizer’s library.  Released in 2008 by the small design and illustration studio named MAKI based in Groningen, Netherlands and published by Laurence King Publishing this is the first book dedicated to nothing but sneaker customization. After customizing their own shoes Kim and Matthijs decided to a curate list of artist and those that have customized shoes. Some pairs were made specifically for the book and others made previously.

ComplexMag Art + Design: 20 Sneaker Customizers You Need To Know

The current amount of social media profiles that PaintOrThread follows that are considered “sneaker customizers” is over an average of 200 on each outlet. That total is growing everyday. Without some people choosing to customize regularly over years the hobby of customizing a pair of shoes by hand likely wouldn’t be able to be considered a topic for it’s own lane of art and design. In the past Complex’s lists dealing with sneaker customization have been a basket of mixed reactions but this one is likely the most accurate.

@SDMRPodcast “RSVPs and Custom Sneaker Culture” #SDMR

The trio of sneaker industry heads that run the #SDMR podcast about Sneaker Design, Media, & Retail delved into customs and customizers for the second half of their latest cast titled: RSVPs and Custom Sneaker Culture. For this episode #13 Jacques Slade of Kustoo.com, Sneakerbox Clyde of InsidetheSneakerbox.com, and footwear designer Brett Golliff have guest Nick Engvall of ComplexSneakers on to chat about the current state of the RSPVing and camping out for sneakers while at the 31 minute mark of the show they get to the good