ComplexMag Art + Design: 20 Sneaker Customizers You Need To Know

The current amount of social media profiles that PaintOrThread follows that are considered “sneaker customizers” is over an average of 200 on each outlet. That total is growing everyday. Without some people choosing to customize regularly over years the hobby of customizing a pair of shoes by hand likely wouldn’t be able to be considered a topic for it’s own lane of art and design. In the past Complex’s lists dealing with sneaker customization have been a basket of mixed reactions but this one is likely the most accurate.

Complex puts out a list of 50 Worst Custom Sneakers of All Time

Well their idea worked, this site is sharing a link to theirs. The staff at Complex put together yet another list, titling this one The 50 Worst Customs of All Time. Don’t read too much into this list as it only goes back to maybe 2009, at least one customizer’s work is mis-identified as another’s, and most of them are from 2012. All time? Umm okay. Definitely a few misses on the list but also quite a few that are only on there because they are a bit different than what’s accepted by the majority.

PMK x Internet Explorer Launch “PMK Design Lab”

After 6 months of work PMK Customs and Microsoft Internet Explorer will launch PMK Design Lab tomorrow in Los Angeles, CA. Initially the project started off with 27 unique custom shoes created for the IE brand but talks of future collaborations with Microsoft project manager Bryan Saftler and his team led to PMK being asked “What can IE do for you?” PMK’s answer was help in creating something people everywhere with Internet access could experience a platform for custom design amongst multiple brands and color options with modern graphics and usability and have the ability to order that shoe. The Microsoft set out to use “next generation” technologies like HTML5 and touch screen functions based on the growing popularity of tablets and touch screen monitors as everyday household items. The end result is the PMK Design Lab.