Complex puts out a list of 50 Worst Custom Sneakers of All Time

Well their idea worked, this site is sharing a link to theirs. The staff at Complex put together yet another list, titling this one The 50 Worst Customs of All Time. Don’t read too much into this list as it only goes back to maybe 2009, at least one customizer’s work is mis-identified as another’s, and most of them are from 2012. All time? Umm okay. Definitely a few misses on the list but also quite a few that are only on there because they are a bit different than what’s accepted by the majority.

@SDMRPodcast “RSVPs and Custom Sneaker Culture” #SDMR

The trio of sneaker industry heads that run the #SDMR podcast about Sneaker Design, Media, & Retail delved into customs and customizers for the second half of their latest cast titled: RSVPs and Custom Sneaker Culture. For this episode #13 Jacques Slade of, Sneakerbox Clyde of, and footwear designer Brett Golliff have guest Nick Engvall of ComplexSneakers on to chat about the current state of the RSPVing and camping out for sneakers while at the 31 minute mark of the show they get to the good

Tattooing a Sneaker? Second Skin Video by @VictorAguiar_

Custom sneakers have been described as a tattoo you can remove. Well a t-shirt could be that too…while sneakers will always be thought of as a more interesting canvas for graphic art before shirts. Yet sneaker customization has a ways to go to reach the level of tattooing. But what if you truly combined the art of tattoos with those of sneakers? No not just a tattoo artist painting shoes but one going at a sneaker with their tattoo gun. Victor Aguiar thought the tattooed shoe was worth trying. Check the outcome in his video below titled Second Skin: Shoe Art Project II.