Kikkor Player “The Masterer” Custom Golf Shoe by @SocialSt8ment

It’s not ALL about basketball shoes you know? A market yet to be tapped into by sneaker cutomizers is that of one of the world’s oldest sports, golf. But a a golf brand by the name of Kikkor has a keen marketing team as they hired Social Statement to customize a pair of their golf shoes. Based off the biggest weekend in the sport that just wrapped up, Dez of Social Statement took their hip silhouette and gave it a look of The Masters.

Tattooing a Sneaker? Second Skin Video by @VictorAguiar_

Custom sneakers have been described as a tattoo you can remove. Well a t-shirt could be that too…while sneakers will always be thought of as a more interesting canvas for graphic art before shirts. Yet sneaker customization has a ways to go to reach the level of tattooing. But what if you truly combined the art of tattoos with those of sneakers? No not just a tattoo artist painting shoes but one going at a sneaker with their tattoo gun. Victor Aguiar thought the tattooed shoe was worth trying. Check the outcome in his video below titled Second Skin: Shoe Art Project II.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Custom Slip On Shoes

These crazy detailed custom slip on shoes with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast theme were made by wenuwishuponastar on The images she used are the stained glass designs from opening and closing sequences from the classic Disney fairytale animation.  Using nothing more than some acrylic paint and a black Sharpie she was worried about messing up so she used a $10 pair of canvas slip ons from Wal-Mart instead of a more expensive pair of Vans. I’d say she is just fine using a pair of Vans next time, as these $10 canvas slip ons are now worth at least $200.

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