Kikkor Player “The Masterer” Custom Golf Shoe by @SocialSt8ment

It’s not ALL about basketball shoes you know? A market yet to be tapped into by sneaker cutomizers is that of one of the world’s oldest sports, golf. But a a golf brand by the name of Kikkor has a keen marketing team as they hired Social Statement to customize a pair of their golf shoes. Based off the biggest weekend in the sport that just wrapped up, Dez of Social Statement took their hip silhouette and gave it a look of The Masters.

Starting with an overall black, green and yellow colorway the toes each feature a hand painted picture of two Masters greats: 6 time winner Jack Nicklaus on the right and 4 time winner Arnold Palmer on the left. Upon the side panel was painted a grid of numbers representing the look of a few rows of the Masters leaderboard along with matching insoles. This 1 of 1 design was auctioned off this week via eBay going for a winning bid of $1025 which will be donated to the winning bidder’s charity of choice.

You can check more work out from Dez of Social Statement Footwear via Twitter: @SocialSt8ment and Instagram: @SocialSt8ment. Or email him for your own project: [email protected].


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