Candra Palmer of Artyce Footwear article on

“I live my passion every day. As an entrepreneur you get to do what you want,” she said. “A few years is a small cost for living your dream.” That is the last line of Candra Palmer’s recent article on The Atlanta Post about her steps before and in between her journey to turn a hobby of customizing womens heels into a full time profitable business. Palmer’s line Artyce Footwear, that she started in 2004 is made up of completely custom designed, built, and embellished special occasion womens shoes. Artyce was even choosen as one of a few designers to work with luxury crystal manufacture Swarovski for their recent CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements that toured Paris, Spain, Tokyo, Las Vegas, New York and Chicago

Palmer’s story of determination and ability to learn an industry is definitely great inspiration for anyone looking to make a living out of a creative endevor and not just custom footwear.

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