Guicemann And His Custom Shoes Are Cooler than You

These custom shoes are nothing ground breaking but definitely the Guicemann and no one else. So much emphasis these days is put on perfection in the art world. Don’t get me wrong, being able to replicate a photograph to the T with paint or pencil is undoubtedly priceless ability but so is being able to be true to yourself and your art. That is obvious in the custom shoes by Charlie Malta aka Guiceman from Columbus, Ohio. So far he has stuck to a very signature style on a very universal shoe, the canvas slip-on. Bright colors, bold lines endless themes. His work is very true, very human. The “error” in some of his graphics people might recognize is really perfection to others. Alright enough philosophical B@&)$#!%, I honestly would not be as impressed at some of his customs if seen individually and at the same time there is a few I absolutely love. His presentation and vibe I got from his website made me an instant fan. Be a shoe customizer but also be yourself. That is definitely what the Guiceman’s doing. Custom shoes, music, random videos on YouTube(500+). Don’t hate he was in NYLON Guys magazine and you were not. Loosen up.

I’m the furthest thing from someone that should be commenting on music but these few tracks by Guicemann are 99% better than every other dude I’ve ever heard trying to promote his music on Myspace and the rest of the Internetz. Listen to his work below, if you don’t enjoy it your either not a shoe customizer or just a music snob. And I’m sorry for you.

“I make you shoes you give me a kiss”

Look at all the stuff someone got in their order, mix cds, Rugrats Last Supper picture….and random childhood school photos of the Guicemann. What are you giving your customers? Customs alone are amazing but the unexpected is amazinger.

14 pairs of custom shoes created for a wedding party



And he made some slap bracelets and got them mass produced. WANT!

Read his interview on and checkout his website here: