’s The 50 Best Custom Sneakers Of All Time is known for releasing Top #’d lists of all the hot young mens interests these days like streetwear, sneakers, and even candy and movie cars to name a few, their latest “The 50 Best Custom Sneakers of All Time” was released today. Complex writer Andy Oliver reached out to two well known customizers by the names of JGoods and Mache to help compile the list. Overall the list is made up of some very nice customs going back as far the past six or 7 years with the inclusion of some big names you’d expect to see. As well nothings perfect and everyone has an opinion of likely what or who was missing. The only noteworthy error is shoe #12 is actually not a “custom” by definition but an actual manufactured shoe released by New Balance but designed by two shoe customizers: Methamphibian and SBTG.

Lastly, my personal opinion is that the title is a bit of a stretch and hopefully this gives audiences unaware of the “custom shoe culture” the desire to research customs more rather then think this was the BEST EVER. There is much one could say is missing, especially representation from the decon-recon customizer crowd. Honestly there really is no best ever because customs are built on the fact that they began as a way for a sneaker wearer to stand out from what his friend bought at FootLocker or NikeTown. Everyone’s opinion will differ, if anything clap for custom sneakers getting some attention once again and step up your standards so your on the next list. So what do you think of the list? Hit or miss?

Check out the list here:’s 50 Best Custom Sneakers of All Time