10 Hottest Custom Sneakers via BroBible.com

What could be the best thing about custom sneakers is that there will never be a true top whatever number list. The reason being that each person’s taste will always dictate their own favorites. While with regular released sneakers there is at least a general consensus of the most popular shoes. Yet it is always still interesting to see what someone’s thoughts are on the best custom sneakers. Back in March streetwear website SoleTron.com via BroBible.com posted up this list of the 10 Hottest Custom Sneakers. The list includes some of the best this past year like Diversitile’s Cookie Monster Dunks, C2’s Porsche Jordan VI and Jacob Patterson’s Vault Dwellers. This one time we’ll let putting NikeID AF1’s on the list slide….handmade customs only here folks!

Checkout the entire list here: Inside the Mind of a Sneakerhead: The 10 Hottest Custom Sneakers