Steven Van Doren Vans OTW Slip Ons by TwoLeft Custom Shoes


Some people can just draw really well. They’ve got the whole scaled perspective thing down. When they decide to take their drawing ability from paper to sneakers the process is a bit different and the outcome is something to be proud of. Joe Ziegler of TwoLeft Custom Shoes made the transition to drawing on shoes years ago but possibly one of his coolest custom projects just finished this year. In a chance occurrence Joe changed a pair of all white canvas Vans Slip Ons to a pair commemorating the brands VP of Events, Steve Van Doren, the son of founder Paul Van Doren, for Steve’s daughter Kristy Van Doren.

Vans Custom Culture Top 50 Semi-Finalists Announced

Today Vans announced the Top 50 Semi Finalist schools as part of their annual Custom Culture contest. That 50 school list equates to 200 different customized Vans with four entered from each high school’s brightest artists. That may seem like a lot but realize that up to 1500 schools may have entered split into 5 regions. Heck the STATE of California has it’s own region (fitting of course). That equals a total of 6000 custom Vans made for this contest. Imagine having to weed through to get the Top 50.

Cole Haan x Revive Customs LunarGrand Wingtip


If you thought customs were only for sneakers, think again. Revive Customs is making major moves with this sample art piece for Cole Haan. For those unfamiliar, Cole Haan is a fashion label founded in Chicago as a men’s footwear company. The company has since expanded into apparel, women’s footwear, belts, handbags, and various other high quality goods. Using the stylish leather LunarGrand Wingtip as a base, Evan of Revive Customs crafted this pair to pay homage to the brand’s history. “1928” on the vamps signify the year that the company was founded, and the numbers were painted onto cows that represent the high quality leather Cole Haan uses in their footwear. The designs seen covering the majority of the shoes, as well as the phrase “especially made for Cole Haan” on the heels, were inspired by shoe dressing boxes of the 1900s and other vintage accoutrements, a balanced marriage of old and new.