Nike Roshe Run “Snakeskin” Custom by Emilio Zuniga


Nike Roshe Runs have continued to grow in popularity since their successful launch last year. The model went from basic colorways in limited quantities to what now seems an endless array of shades, patterns, and materials. Jeremy Hedin, better known as @whatthekicks, commissioned Emilio “PK” Zuniga to create a pair that transcended what we’ve seen so far from the running shoe.

Brad Douglas Customs: Motorcycle leather Nike Dunks

We showcased some of Brad’s custom shoe work earlier on: “Basketcase Dunk Mid“. Since then Brad has still been at “decon-recon” work on some customs and a new website. This round he used the same Dunk mid model but with some high quality motorcycle leather and snakeskin the second pair of lows has a really crisp metallic toe and lace panel that we love. Too bad Nike can not release good shoes like this instead of all the bright colored, pointless patterned crap they have been producing lately. Leave the crazy looking kicks to the customizers!

Brad Douglas’ Website

Ghettrocentricity: Nike Windrunners “vintage-ized”

Yeah we just made up a word “vintage-ized” and Ghettrocentricity made these customs. Insane use of a vintage Nike piece for the fabric, genius (Too bad Nike can’t come up with that idea!). Better yet under the purple, green, and blue fabric is reflective 3m Scotchlite material! The splatter matches perfect as well in color and layout! Ghettro……still one of the best in the game. Check it!

Ghettrocentricity’s Website

Hush Fabrications: Carbon Fiber Vans Half Cabs

Hush released these back in December, but they are so ill we had to share them. The entire shoe used to be red, so all the black material was added. Which is crazy because it was all done with an awl and a lot of time and patience.

theMenace: Bleach Denim Dunk Lows

Rather new customizer theMenace is getting closer to becoming a “decon-recon” master. His latest pair similar to many denim customs made previously by other artists show improvement from his last tie-dye pair. Clean stitching and edges. We would probably like them more with out the bleach. But good work by theMenace.

theMenace’s MySpace