Nike Roshe Run “Snakeskin” Custom by Emilio Zuniga


Nike Roshe Runs have continued to grow in popularity since their successful launch last year. The model went from basic colorways in limited quantities to what now seems an endless array of shades, patterns, and materials. Jeremy Hedin, better known as @whatthekicks, commissioned Emilio “PK” Zuniga to create a pair that transcended what we’ve seen so far from the running shoe. By stitching premium materials to the toe and tongue portion of a Nike Roshe Run “Iguana,” Emilio created these flexible and eye-catching customs that are sure to compliment any joggers stride and (for us non-runners) will look great even when standing still.

Unfortunately, this pair was created exclusively for @whatthekicks but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out Emilio on Instagram @pkzuniga and finding out how to get your own unique runners.


Nike Roshe Run “Iguana” before customization, image via Highsnobiety