The Brannock: Custom Sneaker & Art Show 7.13.2013 #LosAngeles

Do shoe stores like Foot Locker and Finishline still have Brannock devices on hand? If you worked in a shoe store years and years ago the “Brannock Device” was an often used tool that the customer often times used incorrectly. Nicknamed after the footwear industry’s standard measuring device is “The Brannock: Custom Sneaker & Art Show” in Los Angeles. Over ten artists’ work has been curated by King Kang of King of Sneakers and Marcos Rafael Ponce of Top2Bottom in an effort to showcase the customized sneaker’s place as an art form all it’s own.
California LA Map shoes

Map of Los Angeles Custom Vans by Randy of @RadIsRad

The type of custom designs that can speak for themselves are a favorite here at But the least we can do is give a good description of what is pictured and where you can contact the artist that made them. Even then you’d be surprised how many times people still comment asking where they can get the featured shoes. But the word where is not a question for these custom Vans. Living in southern California probably had something to do with the design on this previously all white pair of Vans slip ons. Randy De Jesus of the streetwear brand Rad Is Rad put his drawing