Weekly Methamphibian Throwback: #2

Six years ago in 2003 was when these were released. These were Methamphian’s second retail collaboration, the first being with Prohibit NYC. Yet, I’m pretty sure these were his first mulitple pair release being out of Undefeated LA. Based of the iconic Nike Air Jordan III and the color of the Los Angeles Lakers these were a instant sell out and sign of change in the customs world. The change being that stores and companies were noticing customizers. Undefeated a huge Nike seller, known to many as the best sneaker shop in the world, most likely had a connect with Nike to allow Methamphibian to be able to work on a run of this size. Unfortunately I can not remember if these were released in a run of 12, 15, or 24, pretty sure it was one of those numbers though. This designs success lead to the release of a few other designs for Methamphibian out of Undefeated in 2003 and 2004. If you have any info or photos of this pair please email [email protected]

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