Custom Vans and Skatedeck For by Swaves

Not many customizers would be willing to give their shot at recreating by hand a geometric pattern usually seen as a machine printed fabric.  If you’ve seen any of his previous work, Swaves would be one of the top customizers for a request with one of those prints such as “houndstooth.” Though recreating like a computer was not Swaves reason for saying yes to The Movement Lifestyle’s custom shoe request. Swaves was up for the challenge since their logo fits the minimalistic style he tries to portray and they wanted a skatedeck, something that would be his first time painting. After completion Swaves was actually surprised himself on how factory made the skate deck ended up looking.

The Vans Era and matching wood skate deck were created having a solid white background allowing the neon green logo standout. The next major detail became the aforementioned “houndstooth print” in black on the shoes and gray on the deck. To finish the set off “MOVEMENT IS A LIFESTYLE” can be seen on the right shoe and middle of the deck. The custom Vans and skate deck set, titled “What Moves You” created as a display piece for The Movement Lifestyle’s new shop window will be sure to turn some heads and get people asking “What is the Movement Lifestyle?

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