Nike Dunk “Metal Guy” Custom by @Diversitile and @3RCustoms


Any good idea is worth doing again if there is improvement right? I mean how many times did they make that movie? From the preview earlier this week of the Metal Guy Dunk High by Diversitile and 3R Customs anyone that has been paying attention to custom sneakers for at least a few years probably said “hmm something seems familiar”. In a new revamped take on their original design that sort of got them into a bit of trouble in 2010 this Nike Dunk is customized in a recognizable metallic red and gold colorway.

Metal Guy Nike Dunk Hi Customs by @Diversitile and @3Rcustoms


Will collaborations be the trend for the second half of 2013 in custom sneakers? If so leading the way for that wave might just be the guys from Diversitile and 3R Customs. Thankfully the two custom veterans put faith in PaintOrThread to give the world the first look on this updated and revamped version of a past Diversitile world-infamous release.

Nike Air Mag “Elite” Custom by @KickassoKustoms

The stigma of customizing a high dollar after market sneaker went out the door sometime last year starting with customized Yeezy IIs and a pair of these same Nike Air Mags. Sneakerheads that will never get these shoes are probably crying “Why ruin a classic wah wah wah!” But a driving factor of customs is that they aren’t meant for everyone, and often times they are designed for one person. But surely this Air Mag by Kickasso Kustoms modeled after the “Elite” concept used on Nike’s premier basketball models would fly off the shelves in 2015 self-lacing or not.

The Best Iron Man Themed Custom Shoes

With a history of 50 years, 500+ comics, and now 3 feature films Iron Man is quite the accomplished comic book character. Apart of the Marvel Comics empire the red and gold superpower machine super hero is not just for comic book nerds. Sneakerheads have fully embraced the metal suit look of engineer billionaire Tony Stark. With the release of 2008’s Iron Man movie the idea to use the red and golden suit for a custom sneaker fan art design only continued to grow. 5 years later and on the release of the 3rd movie we have scoured the web for what we’d like to consider the best Iron Man

Zoom Revis Mag Custom Marty McFly

on eBay: Nike Zoom Revis “Mag” Customs by @THE_WOLFSTEIN

Arguably one of the greatest custom sneakers is up for auction. Unfortunately we missed featuring them during our downtime when they were first revealed last month, but these Nike Zoom Revis “Mag” Customs by Brian Villanueva aka @The_Wolfstein could be yours to wear if you fit size 11. To any sneakerhead that checks the blogs and scrolls through Instagram religiously knows these are inspired by the Nike Mag from the Back to the Future that saw a special eBay and live auction only release in 2011.

Google’s Custom Talking Shoe X Adidas Originals AR 3.0

Just when the world was getting introduced to Google’s Glass now they have a custom talking adidas shoe. At SXSW 2013(if you don’t know, find out) in Austin, Texas Google has released a pair of formerly black and white Adidas Originals AR 3.0 whose stripes are decked out in Google’s signature primary + green color scheme. Namely the first part of Google’s Art, Copy, & Code program the shoes were created along with artist Zach Lieberman and interactive collective YESYESNO. 

Nike Command Force “McFly” Custom by Peculiar Kinetics

After releasing last year the Nike Mags influence in the custom sneaker world has been such that it will surely continue into the future. The latest custom sneaker take to mirror the Air Mags futuristic look is this collaborative effort custom  Nike Command Force by Jonathan Carrington of Peculiar Studios. With the help of Revive Customs, PK had a pair of vintage Nike Command Forces saved with a sole swap from a pair of Air Force 180 retros. Next the Mags signature light up soles were actually setup by myself under my custom sneaker brand Evolved-Footwear. With the revived kicks now light up shoes Jonathan transformed the formerly white upper and neon midsoles to a gray upper, white Swooshes and with turquoise accents on the midsole speckle and tongue logos.