Google’s Custom Talking Shoe X Adidas Originals AR 3.0

Just when the world was getting introduced to Google’s Glass now they have a custom talking adidas shoe. At SXSW 2013(if you don’t know, find out) in Austin, Texas Google has released a pair of formerly black and white Adidas Originals AR 3.0 whose stripes are decked out in Google’s signature primary + green color scheme. Namely the first part of Google’s Art, Copy, & Code program the shoes were created along with artist Zach Lieberman and interactive collective YESYESNO. The high top’s tongues that have been retrofitted with a speaker, microcontroller, accelerometer, and gyroscope are programed to connect to your phone through bluetooth. The outcome is a pair of shoes that can speak to you through it’s speakers and to the world via the web. From the data it records the system is able to develop it’s own personality that will respond with commentary to the wearer’s activity or lack thereof.  There is no plans to release the shoe as they are a small piece of  “an experiment, as part of a broader marketing program, to spark conversations with brand marketers and agencies.”-according to a Google rep that spoke with Along with the shoes Google allowed visitors of Google Playground to wear a “bootie” enabled with the same system through a small obstacle course and see how the system reacts to their actions. How far along do you think this is from being in mass produced footwear form? Til then it’s custom.

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