Nike Air Max 90 Vintage EF by Evolved Footwear

When it comes to sneaker customization there is of course the mediums people use to customize, namely through paint or fabric and leather, but you also find some that stick to a certain niche of some kind. That is personally what I chose to do with my brand Evolved Footwear after a decade of customizing sneakers with patterns, fabrics, lights, logos, and random themes. In 2012 I realized my expertise was in that of retrofitting sneakers with LED lights. So for 2013 I chose to direct the focus of the EF brand to offering one thing: adult light up shoes. Over time I still had the passion to put some paint to a sneaker making a few here and there. Now two years later and about six or seven since I first gave a shoe a completely new identity with a combination of paint, patterns, and lights I’m back at it with this “Vintage EF” Nike Air Max 90.

The end result may bring up inspiration of yet another take on a Nike theme that goes by a three digit number that has been popular in customizing and looked down upon by its “creator”, but that is mere coincidence. Gray, black, and Volt go well together. What began as a black/gray/white upper now features additions of engraved elephant print, the Evolved Footwear logo on the heels against vintage silver mudguards and light gray midsoles. Oh and of course they light up too.

These are a 1 of 1 you can only find available at and if this looks like something you’d like to see more of lots can be found on Instagram: @EvolvedFootwear