Jake Danklefs of Dank Customs Favorite 20 Custom Shoes of All Time

Even if a list of the BEST CUSTOM SNEAKERS OF ALL TIME, curated by the most experienced sneaker customizers of the last 10 years was EVEN possible I don’t think many Lebrons would be very high ranking. Even though the shoe is surely what is popular these days I don’t think we have seen it’s best customs. Oh you say but look at Jordans! The love for custom Js that has come around is lovely. But 4, 5, heck 2 years ago the majority of people would have commented “They cool but I wouldnt where cuz people think they fake.” But see something enough and it becomes what you know and “people only like what they know”, if I may use the words of emmanueLabor. You say but don’t forget the Foamz. I say stop, show me your favorite Foam custom and I’ll show you five better customs.

So if none of that makes any sense to you what you need to do is read this short opinionated history lesson from Jake of Dank Customs. Now this doesn’t cover the entire spectrum of custom sneakers by any means. But it gives the variety unseen lately by an airbrushed Lebron X that isn’t much different than the last or the next guys just because you painted them a different color while still using the same technique or pattern. What it is though is a real representation of what lengths customs can go from someone that knows exactly what it takes to customize. All the way from paint to reconstruction. Yes it is Nike heavy, but Nike’s make up a good 90%+ of custom sneaker history.

Check the list of work ranging from 2012 to as early as maybe 2004 from those still customizing and some long gone: JWDanklefs Favorite 20 Custom Kicks Of All Time