10 Custom Sneakers by Mache You Should Know


With a total of 220K+ Instagram followers that grows by the minute and work that deserves attention with each pair he makes, Dan Gamache has turned Mache Customs into a household name in the sneaker community. This growing audience for the most part sees whats on his latest social media outlet but hasn’t been fully exposed to his past works and the stories behind them. Mache created some pretty good work early on and obviously continues to do so as you read this. The added attention to sneaker customizers over the past year has paved the way for a need in the custom sneaker scene. A need for their sneaker history to be common knowledge as much as the actual releases from major brands that people know by heart.

To kick off this Customs You Should Know post series we had to start with the scenes biggest name. On the following pages you’ll find 10 sneaker customizations in no particular order from Mache’s nearly ten year portfolio. This is my opinion obviously, but an educated opinion instead of arbitrarily slapping a bunch of customs together like most Interweb lists related to customs seem to be. A few designs could have been interchanged with others not listed but we’ll save those for another series.

So slide through the 10 pairs…and share your thoughts in the comments of pairs we might have missed, what we shouldn’t have on the list, and which customizer you’d like to featured next!