Sneakercon NYC Photo Recap: Customs Edition

Sneaker conventions are one of the most highly anticipated events in today’s sneaker culture. Hundreds of sneakerheads young and old (but mostly really young) come together in a large open space to buy, sell, trade, and gawk at sneakers and sneaker-related apparel. SneakerCon is one of the largest and most well-known conventions, traveling to various cities around the country multiple times a year. The lines are long, it’s loud and hot, and it’s amazing!

When you go to a sneaker convention, ain’t no half-steppin’. People go to stunt and to watch others stunt with rare and expensive Player Exclusives, samples, super duper hyperstrikes, and of course, customs. When the cameras start flashing or when a cutie is checking you out, you don’t want your shoe game to be sub par, do you?

Paintless Nike Dunk SB Statue of Liberty by Dank Customs

It doesn’t happen often but a custom made without the use of actual paint or thread is possible. To the unsuspecting these may look painted yet upon close inspection or if you just happen to know the history of the base shoe you’ll realize the graphics are actually the bottom layer peering through the green surface. Dank Customs gave the 2011 Nike Dunk SB “Statue of Liberty” a bit more styling with creation of two different angles of the statue on the back heels, an American flag motif on the toeboxes, and his logo right near the outer toe.

1Of Customs: Lebron James Project

Veteran customizer 1Of has been working with Lebron James’ business manager to make set of customized Lebron IV’s. His designs ranged from Olympic inspired, elephant print, and Lebrons Saturday Night Live performance. 1Of mentioned they were made in size 16 for Lebron, as well that they would be on display during a Nike event in New York City. When or where we do not know, but we will try to find out!.

1Of’s website

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