Paintless Nike Dunk SB Statue of Liberty by Dank Customs

It doesn’t happen often but a custom made without the use of actual paint or thread is possible. To the unsuspecting these may look painted yet upon close inspection or if you just happen to know the history of the base shoe you’ll realize the graphics are actually the bottom layer peering through the green surface. Dank Customs gave the 2011 Nike Dunk SB “Statue of Liberty” a bit more styling with creation of two different angles of the statue on the back heels, an American flag motif on the toeboxes, and his logo right near the outer toe. The base already had the tongue tags but the question is how was this done without paint?

This original base shoe was designed to mimic the oxidized copper surface of the statue that with wear would reveal the shade of brown below the green coated leather. Likely through the combined use of vinyl stickers, acetone, two steady hands and a hard edge Dank Customs was able to carefully engrave the green coating to showcase the themed details in copper. Pretty slick.

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The base shoe before customized by Dank Customs. Image via: