Nearly every custom sneaker ever made involves either paint or thread.

PaintOrThread.com was created to spread the day to day news in the hobby of customized sneakers. Many other footwear blogs have taken the time to add a “Custom Sneaker” category amongst all their other sneaker related info. Yet none have taken the time to report the news that goes behind the scenes of sneaker customizing. PaintOrThread.com goes in depth giving you: news, interviews, contests, history, how to, and more. The site is run by a sneaker customizer (Brandon Laskowski of www.Evolved-Footwear.com) that has seen the hobby change over the last 12 years. In the past decade a simple hobby has gone from a handful of guys posting up their simple painted shoes online to guys and gals painting breathtaking designs or completely deconstructing and reconstructing shoes and everything in between.

PaintOrThread is made for the customer that wants their own custom sneakers, those who want to start sneaker customizing, those that have been customizing sneakers for years, or just those that enjoy looking at one of a kind wearable art. Only a few steps have been made in sneaker customizing so stay with PaintOrThread for the long journey ahead.

Brandon Laskowski                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Founder/editor