Tinker Hatfield’s Netflix Abstract Episode Proves Why Sneakers

Tinker Hatfield Nike Shoe Designer
Tinker Hatfield Nike Shoe Designer Credit: Bruce Ely/Netflix

Tinker Hatfield has just as much to do with you having a closet full of Nikes as Michael Jordan or anyone else in the lineage of Nike. In Netflix’s new documentary series Abstract: The Art of Design, Hatfield the famed Nike designer, is the subject of the second installment of the eight-episode series. The show profiles experts of design in each of their respective fields from illustration to automotive design. Abstract was executive produced by Morgan Neville making it’s premiere at 2017 Sundance Film Festival. While you’d undoubtedly enjoy the other seven episodes if you like art or design at any level, we know you’ll enjoy Tinker’s episode the most.

Directed by Brian Oakes, the episode dives into how Tinker Hatfield got his start at Nike, Inc. along with many of the products that have had his mark over the years. Anecdotes and appearances are made by the aforementioned Jordan as well as Mark Parker, Tiffany Beers, and Bobbito Garcia. Even for someone that has read or watched most all pieces highlighting Nike or Tinker there was still a few new gems uncovered in this feature. If you’re the friend in your circle that is the shoe guy or gal definitely recommend this episode to your friends that need a better understanding of one of the main reasons behind your sneaker obsession.

Check the trailer below and make note to view the entire Abstract: The Art of Design series on Netflix.