Sneaker Customizer’s Library: Art & Sole


First released in 2008 and later released in the updated version seen below last year Art & Sole: Contemporary Sneaker Art & Design is a complete record of the trend towards “artist” series released from the sneaker industries big brands up until 2008. The dream of many customizers was to have their own chance to design a colorway or theme to be made in mass by Nike, adidas, Puma, etc. This book gives you an idea of who and what has caught the attention of brands enough to give artists or independent art brands their own sneaker.

A Sneaker Customizer’s Library: Custom Kicks by MAKI


Coming up on being 5 years old Custom Kicks by MAKI is still a should-be-staple in any sneaker customizer’s library.  Released in 2008 by the small design and illustration studio named MAKI based in Groningen, Netherlands and published by Laurence King Publishing this is the first book dedicated to nothing but sneaker customization. After customizing their own shoes Kim and Matthijs decided to a curate list of artist and those that have customized shoes. Some pairs were made specifically for the book and others made previously.