The Joker from Dark Knight Custom Nike Dunks by Diversitile

The crew at Diversitile Custom Clothing rocked it earlier this year with their Iron Man themed Nike Dunks. Now I hear some may say ughh two years late to the party, The Joker has been done, a lot? Late maybe, but done this nice? Notsomuch. A customer ordered The Joker Nike Dunks, so Diversitile catered to that order. And the end result is a pair that is arguably the best Joker custom shoes or at least top three. High top Dunks with Heath Ledger as The Joker on the left shoe…looking just like the movie (unlike 95% of the people that have ever been the Joker on Halloween the last 3 years). On the right shoes it is as if  The Joker himself left finger prints and let the blood drip from the “Why so serious?” and The Joker’s familiar mimic of the Dark Knights symbol. Topped with purple and green accents on the swoosh and toes. I’d love to see the competing Dark Knight versions ala their War Machine and Iron Man Dunks.

If you got a super hero idea for a pair of custom shoes I’m sure Diversitile can help, checkout their site here: