The Beatles Cirque du Soleil “LOVE” Vol. 2 Custom Shoes by Swaves

Shoes made in multiple colorways are usually only for the companies factory releases, so when you get to see a pair of custom sneakers in a 2nd colorway it is a special occasion. The latest occasion happens to be a 2nd rendition of the The Beatles and Cirque du Soleil “LOVE” Nike Dunks by Swaves. After the first pair Swaves made last summer was shown in the Cirque du Soleil private newsletter the shows CEO, Guy Laliberte, decided to commission Swaves to create this pair in him and his child’s sizes. On this second pair Swaves stuck with a pretty similar design of the LOVE logo and The Beatles on the back heels and a 5 color stripe wave that wraps around the shoes but instead of a bright yellow the shoes are mostly black with details made of  white, yellow, and shades of red. Oh and once again completely free-hand painted. Which do you like more, Vol. 1 or Vol. 2?

Swaves said he won’t be painting these again anytime soon but if your looking for a super clean and crisp detailed custom design contact him through his site here:

Volume 1:

Volueme 2: