Nike Dunk SB Mid Ocelot Safari Custom by Twitch Customs

If anything is popular in sneakers this year it has to be animal prints. But doesn’t it seem like that’s been popular in some sense for years? Either way this custom stands out from your standard cheetah or leopard with the look of the ocelot. Ossawhut? It’s a dwarf leopard. But for a more interesting look Ryan of Twitch Customs actually combined two patterns.

Twitch – Wu-Tang Killa Beez Terminator High

ISS Custom Sneaker Competition 2008 Winner, Twitch Customs, recently finished these Wu Tang inspired Nike Terminators. Going with the “Killa Beez” theme Twitch definitely killed these. Adding a honeycomb pattern on the toes, a detailed white on black bee on each lateral side and the Wu Tang logos on the toes and heels to finish it off. The sole is even a perfect color for the honey. Dope!

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TWiTCH – “I Hate Painting Safari Print” Dunk Lows

We really love these shoes. Hmmm we will put down $10 this comes out from Nike within the next year or two. Cause you know they are putting their “safari print” on everything. Great Dunk lows by our dude Twitch! Undoubtedly the best Nike Air Safari inspired custom to date. Can’t get much better.

Twitch’s MySpace

You gotta start someplace……

2009 is probably gonna be the year of deconstructing and reconstructing in custom shoes. You have some dudes already at the top: Sharp020, 3RCustoms, Hypethetic, an Hush. All who have inspired the rest, one in particular is Twitch Customs. Twitch just posted up his first attempt at a “decon-recon” on the Sole Collector Forums. Hours upon hours using the sewing awl came out with a result that despite its misshaped, upper is actually kinda cool looking. They kinda remind me of the recent Coraline Dunks from Nike to promote the new movie with all the enlarged stitching. Yes the big stitching looks nothing like the released counterparts but it has a home-made and vintage feel to it that is kinda cool. Looks aside this was definitely a learning experience for Twitch who has already worked to put his name on the map with his painted designs. Take this as inspiration to set aside some time and start your own “recon-decon”

Twitch first recon-decon
Twitch first "recon-decon"

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The most recent champion is………..Twitch!

The champion of the most recent Sole Collector Forums Custom Contest was announced last month after a year of monthly contests in 2008 that saw strong competition from some of the best customizers around like: Mizzee, Mateo Customs, C2, Sharp020, and many others. So when the finals went down 9 customizers were up against each other to win the votes of the general Sole Collector public and 5 trustworthy judges. The winner Twitch Customs known as SoleAffection on the Sole Collector forums was 1st by the public and 3rd by the judges for a big 59.3% of the total vote. Twitch’s winning design made perfect use of the base shoe. Described in his own words:

“I was highly disappointed with what Nike SB deemed the “Venom dunks” when there was no reference to Venom AT ALL. So I thought I’d do the theme justice and represent Venom or the Venom Symbiote the way he deserves to be shown. The toe, and lace panels are textured to represent the gooey, almost liquid-like symbiote form trying to consume the shoe.”

These Venom Dunks are still up for grabs in size 11. So Hit up Twitch’s MySpace or email for more info. Don’t forget to tell him where you found his customs:

Twitch Customs: MySpace

Twitch Email: [email protected]

Twitch Venom Dunk
Twitch Venom Dunk

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