ST!ZO Customs: Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Custom Nike Flight Lite

Chicago, Illinois based shoe customizer ST!ZO entered these Buzz Lightyear themed Nike Flight Lite into our 3rd Custom Contest a few weeks back. Though he did not win, he was in the top 5. ST!ZO created a perfect play on the Disney’s Toy Story movie character space-age suit colors lime green, purple, silver, and emblems. He even added one of the claw machines little alien guys on the back heel. Buzz would be proud to wear these…or maybe a kid dressing up for Halloween(check the video). I’d wear these to the Toy Story 3 in 3D for sure!

For your own pair of custom Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Nikes visit ST!ZO’s MySpace

Mr. Potato Head by YoaKustoms

What a unique theme for a custom shoe: childhood toys. That’s exactly what a customer wanted on these Nike Dunks created by YoaKustoms the toy of choice being the Toy Story star: Mr. Potato Head. The detail of the hand painted eyes, nose, glasses, and mouth on the toe is amazing. Its also really nice that she did not leave the medial sides blank but instead painted the pieces without the potato body! Did you know Toy Story 3 is coming out next year? I can not wait.