Interaxionne: Transformer Dunk hi Revenge of The Fallen

We stumbled across talented customizer Interaxionne’s Transformer Dunks on eBay. He has two pairs in 10 and 10.5 being called “Revenge of the Fallen”, after the Transformers Movie sequel that releases in June. Both are samples and are a bit different than his first original versions which featured the Autobot logo and Optimus Prime. The samples feature numbered tags with the Decepticon logo and movie release date, Decepticon logo on the back heels, Megatron on the mid panels, and a black and yellow shock pattern on the toe and lace panels. The best thing is though that these still have over 5 days left to bid on. They seem to be the perfect accessory while you wait inline to see the new movie.

Interaxionne’s eBay Auctions

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