Clash of the Customizers: interaxionne v. Diversitile

Oh boy, these two customs are pretty crazy for the next 2nd round battle of the Clash of the Customizers. Interaxionne has outdone his first round custom with another entirely new hand made upper stitched to a Nike Dunk sole. Honestly read his words on the INFO tab of the 360 degree view. His inspiration runs deep, I think it is time for him to find a mold maker and create his own signature soles. Not to be taken lightly is Diversitile’s take on a “Terminator” Nike Terminator. The concept was done a few years ago in 2004 in the Sneaker Freaker Top 99 custom contest and won, but these blow those off the face of the Earth. Extremely detailed faux metal, removable swooshes, and the back heels look like Terminator eyes that light up. Another tough matchup, I feel bad for whoever faces either of these two next round.

360 degree view HERE!