DC Howard Dunk Low Hybrid By Hush Fabrications

Amazing. I thought about looking up a fancier word to describe the latest from custom shoe by Hush Fabrications but I gave up. I’m even afraid to ask Hush how he made them. Are they just a skin over the Dunk or a full “decon-recon”? I think it is better if they are a complete mystery. Complete with cowskin suede, ballistic mesh, and 3m reflective accents Hush recreated the DC Howard low skate shoe upper onto a Dunk sole. They look factory made, not by hand. Hush even used eyelets from Air Max 1s and added his H logo on the tongue and heels. Honestly customizers….your really not doing it if you are not doing some form of  “decon and recon”.

Hush Fabrications: Carbon Fiber Vans Half Cabs

Hush released these back in December, but they are so ill we had to share them. The entire shoe used to be red, so all the black material was added. Which is crazy because it was all done with an awl and a lot of time and patience.